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Video is the most powerful business tool in the world. It expands your power by rapidly bringing people through experiences in a condensed time so they know, like and trust you.


Management, marketing, campaigns, consulting. Ensure your message meets your exact audience and inflicts motivation to work with you.


Mentoring, counselling, life coaching. Our in house psychology expert and councillor ensures everything in your life optimised.

Our Process


Your business is different from every other. Simply fill out our Discovery Form to ensure we understand you, and that we’re the right fit to work together.


Are you telling your story to connect with your customers? Is your brand positioned correctly in your audiences mind?

We’ll create a personalised plan to ensure they are. It generally starts with a Video Business Card.


Meta Minds Media is the missing piece of the puzzle for modern businesses. Our mission is to optimise your digital presence and mindset, so you can spend more time changing the world.

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The one video every business needs.

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Meta Minds Podcast

Meta Minds is a podcast for Millennials & business owners. We strive for relentless self-development & consciousness optimisation. We aim to share how to manage your ego, find your authentic voice, discover your values and passions, and stay grounded and true to yourself.

Who We Are

Aimon Bebendorf

Aimon runs a multi-faceted artist project with over 7 years of industry experience in Directing, Videography, Audio Engineering, Social Media Marketing, & Business.

Aimon’s clients diversify between corporate storytelling in government, real estate & building, & creative storytelling in festival, artist, & night club videography.

Aimon is qualified from Griffith University, has undertaken 5+ certified online courses & takes mentorship from several worldwide leaders.

Aimon is renowned for delivering an efficient, effective and easy service which takes media engagement to the next level, all with relentless passion and an infectious attitude.

Dan Davis

I was born in England and moved to Australia when I was 13. I started making YouTube videos throughout high school under the name ‘TheIpodTouchWorld’ – I focused on app reviews and technology reviews. I re branded the channel a few years later under the name ‘DansTube.TV’ and focused on high end technology reviews, drone content and app reviews. At DansTube.TV we pride ourselves on bringing a fun twist to product reviews. I review some of the latest technology and gadgets. Giveaways are very frequent through my website and social networks. I love giving back to my viewers. Thank you for supporting me!

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